What If Your Daughter Dated Chris Brown?

I'm not trying to weigh in on the Chris Brown/Rihanna relationship thing, but I do know that I would not want my daughter dating a young man with his abusive history.

As a mother/parent, we already have enough worrying to do with our children.  What kind of person are they at school when we're not around?  Is he the kid who sticks up for the bullied school mate or is he the one that stands by laughing with the other kids?  Is she the girl who likes to help other students in times of need, or is she a mean girl?

When my children enter the dating phase of their lives, that's when the real worrying begins.  I already know that my son will fall in love with every girl that glances his way.  He's a very lovey-dovey little boy and always tells us in his sappy, 4 year old way that he loves us to infinity and beyond.  I'm actually afraid that he will fall in love at least once a week with a different girl.  I just hope these girls don't break his heart turning him into a no good...well, you know.

What scares me the most is my daughter falling for a young man with CB's history.  I don't know CB personally and this is not to bash him, but come on.  If your daughter was Rihanna, how would you feel knowing that she is dating, in love, hanging out with or whatever with a guy who has a history of hitting your daughter?  Your stomach would be in knots all the time.

It pains me as a woman and as a mother to see a young couple with a tortured past get back together.  What's worse is that as a role model, Rihanna is telling her female teen fans that it is okay to continue in an abusive relationship.  No, it's not okay, Rhi.  It also pains me that the teen girls in my life are still in love with CB's music, videos, etc. and don't see his violent past as a big deal.  Does this mean teen girls will allow a man to abuse them as long as he makes them feel good in between abusive episodes?  Do girls not understand that they are worth more than being in an abusive relationship?

Moms and dads, the time is ripe to have a sit down with your children, especially teen girls, to discuss this dysfunctional relationship. Don't let this teachable moment pass you by.

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