Trip Tips for Radio City Christmas Spectacular

On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we drove into Manhattan to see Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the family and some friends from Montreal.  Click here to purchase tickets for $45 - $75 through GoldStar.  The city was still sleep and traffic was pretty easy.  That's one bonus for going to the city the day after a holiday that's mostly about eating until you pass out and/or standing in a 5-hour line to buy a new TV.

Here are a few tips to enjoy a trip into the city on the first official day of the holiday season for next year or anytime.

Getting to Manhattan
We drove in being that we would have had to pay three adult off peak fares on the LIRR. Traffic was pretty non existent. We took the Belt Parkway to the LIE to the Midtown Tunnel.  We had tickets to the 10 a.m. show which wasn't so bad.

Go to for discounted parking deals anywhere from $17/3 hours, $22/6 hours or $25/12 hours. Now that's a deal!  If you have an SUV add $10-$15 more.  We saved $2 which wasn't significant but hey, it's $2.

Will Call
Most people enter in through the main entrance, but if you're picking up tickets at Will Call, send one person around the side of the main entrance to pick them up.  You can wait inside where it's warm.  You're also not supposed to take in any food and beverages, but you're a mom.  What mom doesn't have juice boxes and crackers in her purse.  I downed a few bottled waters, but after the 2nd one I couldn't drink another, so I placed it under my wallet in my purse and got in!

The Show
Of course minutes after we find our seats, the first row behind the first section of the orchestra right where Santa enters from the side, the kids are hungry. I run out easily as we have aisle seats. Two tubs of popcorn, two apple juices set me back $30. However the purchase came with a cheesy, plastic souvenir cup and a jester hat. Just one. No way I could return to my seat with one hat and two kids. That's mommy suicide. So the attendant gave me another one. She must have had children. 

What my kids said during the show
"They don't have any pants on." - Valley Stream Son, 4
The moment the Rockettes came out, my son noticed the dance attire worn by the ladies.  It was absolutely adorable the way he said it. I did explain to him that the girls were wearing dance costumes which was appropriate.

"Where are the brown people?" - Valley Stream Daughter, 6.5
My daughter has become very aware of skin color.  It is very important to both she and I that we see diversity all around us. This is the world we live in, the schools we attend, etc. I was able to point out an Asian and African American  Rockette.  I applaud the Rockettes for diversifying the lineup.

The show was entertaining from start to finish.  The new scenes including a video game segment in 3D, an African American mother and daughter in search of a Jasmine doll which was a delight for all ages. I think the dancing Santa segment confused my son a bit, but he soon understood after the original Santa exited the stage last.  Oh, the Santa lie....stay tuned for that blog post.

What We Ate 
After the show, we walked a few blocks over to Sbarro at 49th and Broadway. Our friends have gone before and informed me that the buffet was pretty tasty.  They were right. The buffet was filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta, meats, and more.  You can buy a plate for $7.99/lbs. or get pizza by the slice. They also have a pasta station.  Yum!  Down below is a large seating area where what seamed like two bands that marched in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Once they arrived, we were out of there withing 20 minutes.  It got a little noisy.

If you have some of your own tips to share, please post them below so others can learn from your experience.

Tickets available now through December 30th.

Enjoy the show!

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