A Few Tips & "To Do's" During Powerless Times

This is such a trying time for us all right now, but I am so happy to say that I am meeting other families in Valley Stream while out and about with the children.  Spirits are a little low because of spoiled milk, or being powerless.  The temperature has dropped significantly and without heat, the kids are awaking with stuffy noses.  However, we are yet alive to complain and this side of the ground is the right side to be on.

"To Do's" for the Kids
The Rockville Centre Rec is open Thursday from 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. for Roll Around for the little kids and movies for the big kids.  Valley Stream Library was abuzz today with children playing games, reading books, and watching movies.  They also allow you to recharge your phones, laptops, etc. while you're there should there be an available outlet.  Bring your power chord to increase your chances.

Please Drive Safely
A few things to remember is that many traffic lights are out.  Please treat them as a 4-way stop.  This was on your written driver's exam, wasn't it?  I recommend that you do not drive at night.  It's dangerous out there.

Internet Service
If you need to get onto the Internet, find a hot spot outside of a Starbucks or McDonald's.  You may not have to go in, but you can sit in your vehicle or nearby to gain access.

If you have any info for places to take the children, please post in the comment sections.  School is out at least until Monday so let's make the most of this.

The calendar will be updated next week when everything is close to normal, I hope.  Be sure to confirm with the venue before leaving.

That's all the time I have for now, but I hope to see you on Sunday for the "Wear it Again" Costume Party.  The community needs it given the children missed Halloween parades and trick or treating yesterday.

See you then!

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