Progress in Valley Stream

I haven't set in front of a TV since Monday so I don't know the devestation the storm has left. I can only imagine given the hours-long gas lines, the traffic accidents due to powerless traffic lights, the runny noses showing up each morning due to the lack of heated homes. Aren't hurricane a summer thing?

It was 44° last night! We have a fire place to heat the living room if only for a few hours. We are making the best of it. I hope you are too.

I just heard about the Staten Island mom whose sons were ripped from her arms and later found in a Marsh. Mu son's classmates car was crushed by a fallen tree. My girlfriends Freeport home suffered total devestation by the storm surge feet from her home. She has two small girls under age 4. I am afraid to turn on the TV.

My parents keep watching the news afraid that we are apart if that devestatation. No power or heat and our three large trees are still standing. Thank God.

I applaud LIPA who are working around the clock. I see the progress buy there are only so many of them. Be happy for your friend who now has power and not upset that you don't.

Don't curse the Village staff because I know for a fact that they are working overtime to restore their Village as well.

I applaud the organizations online who are using Facebook to update it's community.

Things are moving forward. The Library,  VS King Kullen, and Best Buy have opened their doors for charging electronics. Best Buy has Internet.  Just heard power has been restored near Cornwell and Maple.

Many local libraries are open. Take the kids out for a warm playdate. Kudos to the Rockville Centre Rec for opening its doors for open play for FREE!

The community sees you. Please be patient. Your time is coming.

Rockville Centre Rec is accepting donations for clothing.

Please excuse the typos.


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