Monopoly Jr. And Dancing by Candlelight

About 7 p.m. Monday we lost power. Luckily I had good sense to make dinner in my forever faithful Crockpot this morning. As the lights flickered, I stuck them in the microwave and joined the family for a Wii Bowling Tournament. Then it all went dark. Well somewhat because it was about 5:30 when it happened.

So far we have eaten, played Jr. Monopoly and had a dance party all in our living room by candlelight. I have some great photos.

We saw what appeared to be a house fire two blocks away but looks like things are okay now. Prayerfully everyone is okay. Both my neighbor and I had to stop our husbands from walking over to see. What is it with men? I'm not ready to be a widow.

It's now just after 9 p.m. and looks like Hurricane Sandy decided to make landfall a little further south than expected.

My sources say that LIPA won't respond at all until the wind dies down. Don't waste your time calling. They know you're in the dark.  At the time half of VS was in the dark. Now it wouldn't surprise me if all of the Village was out.

Was the storm hyped up or was it as bad as the media made it out to be?

Stay safe, dry, and smart.


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