Get Your School Supplies NOW!

<p>I now know why I had slim pickins in August last year once I received Valley Stream Daughter's school supply list. Stores like Walmart, Staples, Target, and Office.Max schedule their school suppuration sales I'm July!  The teachers are on vacation and are not even thinking about school right now. I don't blame them because I don't want to have to think about buying supplies, lunch boxes, back packs and school clothes right now either! Can't we enjoy summer without being bombarded with Back to School Sales? Ha! Nope!

Now that I'm one year into this school thing, Valley Stream Daughter will be starting 1st grade in September, I'm already on top of it. Since I am FORCED to shop at Walmart until November, I grabbed last week's circular and got busy. I.don't have the class supply list yet but based on last year's list I'm assuming that many of the items the same. If not, I have 90 days to return the unopened items.

You can also donate any items you get in a BOGO sale (buy one get one free) to the YVA Jourdan Foundation who will then donate them to children who use Valley Stream's Peninsula Counseling Services. Sip This has a donation box right at the front for the supplies.

Check out the deals I saw at Walmart. I must admit the deals werent bad. I'm still a Target girl and will always be.

Where/when do you buy your supplies? 


  1. I live in Hewlett-Woodmere school district and each year in June as a PTA Fundraiser the parents have the opportunity to purchase a prepackaged supply kit. The supply kits are prepared by Morris Variety Store in VS and include all items requested by the next grade level teacher. This is the best fundraising idea ever! I take home the supply kit in June, label items, and stick them into the back of the closet until September. My school supply shopping is done before vacation even starts :)

    1. I think we'll try this next year. I didn't know Morris was the sponsor for the fundraiser. I would also be nice if the kids could receive their supply list before the last day of school.

  2. great post with wonderful tips; off to Walmart tomorrow. thank you.

  3. Thank you Kim for the tips. I am going to buy my supplies this week.

  4. Walmart used to have the best deals overall but I was just in there yesterday and definitely NOT impressed. Hopefully, the different stores and pharmacies will start coming out with their "real" back to school deals. As a teacher, for years I've gotten folders at .10 a piece and spiral notebooks for .15 per book. It's time to check NWL who this year has a 25% discount for teachers (so go with your friends who are teachers) for up to $1000. through August 31st.

  5. My son will be starting this Fall. I received his teacher info today, but no supply list or info on when the bus comes, etc. This is my first time sending a child off to school and I am feeling quite unprepared. We have picked up some of the basics, backpack, lunch bag, notebook, crayons, glue sticks, etc. But can you tell me what else I should be buying?

  6. I just found your list on a different page, I'll take a look. Thanks for posting such good info. Sometimes I feel like I live in a bubble here!

  7. Leanna, I'm glad you found more information on the school supply list. I'm surprised your school didn't attach it to the mailing you received. The bus schedule should arrive separately since it comes from the transportation department and not the school. I wouldn't worry but feel free to call the school for a school supply list. I was told school receptionists are staffed year round but available during select hours, usually in the morning. They should mail the supply list right to you or you may be able to pick it up as well. Don't feel nervous. We've all been through it. I think the schools could do a little better which is why we as parents should attend both PTA meetings and school board meetings as well. Thanks again for your comment.