Prom Memories: The Good & The Bad

Not me and my date
I’m not proud of how I behaved on prom night in May 1989, but I’m sure I had my reasons.  No one asked me to prom.  I broke up with my long time boyfriend, a basketball and football player, months before.  I think no one asked me for one of two reasons.  The first reason was that no one knew we had broken up and assumed we would go to prom together.  Another reason could be that people did know we were broken up but he may have threatened any potential suitor for asking.  I was a cheerleader, somewhat popular, and nice to everyone!  All except one.  There was one determined class mate who showed great interest in being my date.  It’s been 20 years, but I recall him asking me repeatedly to be his date.  I don’t remember if I told him no right away or if I told him I will think about it, hoping that someone else would ask, but he then enlisted the help of my teachers.  They even began to ask and persuade me to attend prom with him.  At some point I agreed to go to prom with him.  He wore me down....with a few conditions.  Those conditions were that he allow three of my friends to ride in the limo with us.  He agreed.  He probably wished he hadn’t given my behavior he was about to experience.

I was further bitter because my prom dress was my sister’s wedding dress.  I know that I’m sounding like President Reagan, but I cannot recall why my mom didn’t take me shopping for prom dresses.  Who knows, maybe she did and I just don’t remember.  Was I a contender for Prom Queen?  The usual suspects were.  Maybe I was.  I can’t remember exactly.  I was nominated for Homecoming Queen/court every year and lost every year.  As the saying goes, it is an honor to be nominated but a greater honor to win the crown (I say the last part).  I was already the reigning Hal Jackson’s Miss Ohio Talented Teen so I guess someone else should win the title. At least that’s what I told myself. 

Cute dress...for the '90s
During the evening, I barely spoke to my date.  Yes, I was a mean girl for the evening.  I was never mean to anyone else at any time in high school other than this occasion.  I’m not proud of my behavior but I explained the reasons earlier.  I didn’t want to take prom pictures with my date.  I just didn't.  I did eventually take a photo with him and then I took a photo by myself.  I never hung our photo on my mantle.  I do still have it in a photo album in a box in my closet right now.  I’m not proud of this.  I was a mean girl for the night who just didn’t know how to handle the situation. 

After prom, that’s when the parties begin.  That’s when many teen couples go for deflowering, which is very unfortunate, but it’s a fact.  For my date and I, that definitely didn’t happen.  We had to return the limo soon so we headed to our final destination which was dropping my date off at his home.  I think my friends and I told my date that we too were going home, but we didn’t.  My friends and I stayed out much longer.  It was the first and only night in my life I was allowed to stay out super late without getting into trouble.  We didn't go anywhere special.  It was sort of a bust night.

I don’t think my date spoke to me after that.  I don’t blame him.  I wouldn’t speak to me either.  Over the years, the guilt got to me.  How could I be so cruel to another human being?  I ruined his prom night.  Years later, I ran into him while he was working.  We spoke briefly and I apologized for my behavior years earlier.  He said that means a lot to him.  His accepting my apology meant a lot to me.  All is right with the world.
He is now happily married with beautiful children.  I see him probably once a year which is very unfortunate.  He is now a mortician with a funeral home my family uses for funeral services for relatives.  I’m not proud of my behavior and hope other teens will learn from my behavior. Prom night should be special for all parties.  

Worst/Best Prom Memories from my FB friends: (Wow, I didn't know you could cut/paste from FB)

  • Francina Best My dress and I left my date cause he had no money lml
    May 19 at 7:48pm via mobile · 
  • Shira Duncan Winning Prom Queen, but not winning anything for college at the after prom party raffle!!
    May 19 at 7:55pm via mobile · 
  • Alexii Nikki Collins Worst prom memory: The Prom! (Rogers 1989 AND 1990).
  • April Sutton my regular hair dresser who usually laid my hair.....bombed that day
    May 20 at 9:15am · 
  • Anthony Gonzalez Favorite: A girl stuck a fork in her chicken, held it up toward Vice Principal Kreisman and asked, "Hey, Ms. Kreisman, want a lick?" (That actually wasn't out of character for this student.)

    Come to think of it, I don't have any bad prom memories, at least not regarding that evening itself, which kind of surprises me.
Should I have gone to prom alone like my friends did?  What are you worst/best prom memories?

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  1. No prom for me,I went to so many parties in/during high school I was underwhelmed with what was considered a prom! At least that's at the time what I told myself to console the fact I didn't have anyone to go with. LOL!