Father's Day Gift Ideas

Ink Garden - Fathers Day - Free Notebook, Mouse Pad, or Coffee Mug for Dad (Just Pay Shipping) Use 


Shipping Rates: $4.99 for the Notebook, $5.99 for the Mug, and $4.99 for the Mouse Pad.


Forget the neck ties and tools this Father’s Day and personalize all your gifts this year. You’ll find six custom products for under $5 at Vistaprint – all are customizable and sure to bring a smile to dad’s face. 

*Does he have a favorite coffee mug? He will now! Upload your favorite photos of your husband and children onto a mug for just $2.99. 

*Mouse pads make a great desk accessory for those long days at work – find fun designs for $3.99. 

*Create a memory book for dad with photos from years past for $4. Plus, all the photos you upload will be saved in your Vistaprint account. 

*Use them to create a personalized $5 T-shirt and desk calendar at $2.99. 

*Add an engraved to the mix for just $4 and you will have the ultimate desk-kit to give to dad! All these reminders will keep him company at work day after day.

Shipping Rates:
- T-Shirts: $5.52
- Mug: $7.09
- Mouse Pad: $5.52
- Flip book: $7.30
- Pen: $5.52
- Desk Calendar: $7.27

I know some may seem a bit pricey, but it's still a good deal, dont'cha think?

Check back for more great give ideas as they become available.  I'll put a link on the left sidebar later this week.

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