Special Needs Playground @ Eisenhower Park

Photo credit: Linda Rosier | Disabled children get a preview of the " Let All The Kids Play" playground, especially designed for disabled kids, in Eisenhower Park which is scheduled to have its official opening in early May 2012. Danielle Marino, left, and Grace Darcy, enjoy the harness swings. (April 23, 2012)    

I have always had a special place in my heart for special needs children and adults.  I must have inherited this from my dad who was once a special education teacher before becoming an education administrator. Right after high school graduation, my parents wouldn't buy me a car without me earning it for myself, so I had to take public transportation to/from work.  On the bus route to work, we would stop by a group home where about 5-6 adults with special needs boarded the bus each day.  I became friends with them and especially became fond of Dale.  He was a sweetheart and I enjoyed speaking with him each day.  Every now and then he crosses my mind.  Anyhoo, to learn of the new Let All the Children Play Playground at Eisenhower Park in Uniondale made me smile.  Every child definitely deserves the right to swing, slide, and have a knee slapping good time at every park in the country. 

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  1. Mocha CharmaineFriday, 04 May, 2012

    I think I love your blog!! You really take the time to touch on relevant topics for our communities. My 12 year old son is special needs and I'm always looking for ways to support and expose him to all the little things in life that our typical children enjoy. Here's an interesting article I came across this morning: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maria-lin/special-needs-parents_b_1338169.html?ref=topbar