Valley Stream's Cutest Dog Wanted

My first dog was a slobbering Boxer named Bo Bo.  One day Bo Bo disappeared, after biting someone, and my sisters and I were later told that he was given to a home for mentally disabled adults.  Then came Oscar who was a Schnauzer.  He ran the neighborhood.  One day, a neighboring Beagle gave birth to a few pups.  One had a strange looking beard similar to a Schnauzer's beard.  There was a huge blizzard in 1977 or 1978 and Oscar went out to roam the neighborhood for a tinkle and was later discovered in a neighbors yard frozen.  I suspect he couldn't find his way back through the blizzard.  Next came Malcolm.  He was another Schnauzer, and kin to Oscar, named after Malcolm X.  He was my sweetheart.  He slept with me.  Followed me everywhere I went.  He was considered my son.  I loved him so. I still have his green rubber ball.  One day when I was a high school sophomore, he was let out one night on the same night people placed their garbage cans out.  Apparently he was still hungry and decided to snack on some bones that I believe made him ill.  His insides were affected, possibly torn up due to the sharpness of the bones, and my dad had him put down before I returned from school.  What a sad day.  I haven't owned a dog since.
Although similar, this is NOT Malcom

The kiddies want a dog but Dad is allergic to most pets.  One of my kids, often deep in thought on how they can get us to say yes to owning a dog, thought this plan through the way only a child could.  Apparently Daddy can go to grandma's home (his mom) during the week while we live and play with the dog, and come home weekends.  We'll see about that.  I still have a heart for Schnauzers and think of Malcolm time to time.  R.I.P. Malcolm. 

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