Let's Get CO Detectors In Our Schools ASAP

This morning on the Today Show, it was reported that Finch Elementary School in Atlanta, GA was overcome with carbon monoxide fumes due to a malfunctioning furnace sending 43 students to the hospital.  Similar situations occurred in a Baltimore and Philadelphia school.  What's going on?  I think we need to find out if our schools have CO detectors, don't you think?

"Turns out, this school didn't have any carbon monoxide detectors. In fact, we looked into it, and in most states, there are no laws, no requirements for schools to have them at all. That means your children could be breathing this poisonous gas in their classroom every day... and not even know it."
Jeff Rosen - Today Show
Courtesy of The Today Show 

There currently is NO LAW in New York that mandates that our schools have CO detectors in our schools.  Time to change that STAT.  There are only two states that mandate detectors and those states are Maryland and Connecticut. 

Let's contact our school administrators to see if there are any CO detectors in our schools and if there aren't lets see how we can get this changed yesterday.  If money is an issue, what do you think about donating one to your school.  I'm all for it especially if it will save the lives of our children.

If the schools aren't on board with this life-threatening gas, also known for causing learning disabilities and cardiovascular problems in children, let's contact our state officials who can get it done

New York State Assembly Woman-Elect Michaelle Solages
New York State Senator Dean Skelos

Click the links below to locate your state representative if your school district is unresponsive to this important cause.

New York State Assembly
New York State Senate

If you do not live in New York, I also encourage you to contact your school district and/or state representative.

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