American Girl @ Rock Hall Museum

I have dodged this American Girl Doll thing for YEARS...until now.  I used to work in the Time Warner Building, adjacent to a luxury high rise apartment building, where I would often see little rich girls, sometimes 3-6 at a time, get in and out of limos with 1-2 American Girl Dolls under their arms while mom or dad carried the dolls accessories.  I knew even before I had my daughter that I would not pay for such a doll that costs at least $100 naked...okay, maybe not naked but close.  She only comes with one outfit and a book.

The catalogs began coming to the house two years ago. As soon as they came, I trashed them long before my daughter made it home from school.  She had not a clue about the American Girl Doll phenomenon, until she went to Kindergarten.  One of her classmates often bragged about her million dollar doll.  One that I simply refused to purchase.  I remember talking my daughter out of wanting the doll last year.  Two of her tennis friends spent their birthdays in the city where you can participate in the American Girl Doll Experience.  I told their moms to tell their daughters NOT to tell my daughter.

Honestly, I did try to book a lunch at the New York store but because her birthday is near Christmas, I couldn't make an appointment online.  That's legit, right? 

She never really played with dolls even after I tried to force a doll upon her few years ago.  Until recently. Now she plays with Barbies and just asked me tonight if I would buy her more Barbie clothes.  I'm thinking it's peer pressure.

Rock Hall Museum is hosting a Storytelling by the Fireside Wednesday, December 5th featuring "Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story" at 4 p.m.  My daughter's Daisy Troop is attending.  I'm pretty sure this $5 field trip will soon turn into $150 when she sees the others with their beautiful dolls.  I kinda feel bad now that she doesn't have one.  Who wants their daughter to be the only one without an American Girl Doll?

I thought peer pressure was about drugs, alcohol, and other bad behaviours.  Who knew it would also involve dolls?

Rock Hall Museum
Storytelling by the Fireside
"Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story"
Wednesday, December 5th
Time: 4 p.m.
Cost: $5
Group reservations also accepted
Note: Call before coming as this event may be sold out
(516) 239-1157

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  1. I like you refuse to pay so much for a doll. The clothes cost as much as clothes for live people! We did the visit to the store because you have to go just once, and my daughter ended up selecting a Journey Doll (Taryn) from Toy's R Us. the