The "B" Word

I don't even know where to begin with this, but my daughter totally floored me tonight with some news I was not expected to hear.  The conversation went like this:

VS Daughter: (name withheld) Mommy, "Boy A" said a bad word today.  

Me: What word was that?  

VS Daughter: I can't say because I'll get in trouble.

Me: (extremely curious) Can you spell it?

VS Daughter: It starts with a "B." 

My heart started to pound a little but I didn't go nuts then because my kids think "stupid" is a bad word. In our house it sort of is, because it's not a word we want our children to use.

Me: (Wondering if I should go further with this) Can you spell it?

VS Daughter: B-I-C-T-H

So, she totally misspelled it but I'm totally floored that one, she knew it was a bad word and two, she almost knew how to spell it.

What is going on at school?  This is the only place she could have learned this word.  We do not curse at home.  We don't watch TV with cursing while the kids are awake.  Well, with the exception of this morning when my son turned on the TV which was last on a premium station the night before.  Alot of "F" bombs were dropped so I'm expected VS Son to drop the "F" bomb any day now.  I just hope it's not at school.  Lord help me.

So it begins.  All this work my husband and I have done to keep our children from the bad things in life was all for nothing?  There's alot going on in this world that our children have not been exposed to.  We don't listen to rap music in front of them.  We certainly don't listen to gangster rap.  Do they still call it that?  We don't watch music videos with them. We actually don't watch music videos at all with them.  We rarely listen to mainstream radio with them in the car. We listen to Kids Place Live on Sirius XM and Oprah Radio.  That's pretty much it.

I'm still mortified, but extremely happy that she felt comfortable enough to share this info with me.

I need someone to write a book on "What to Expect When They Go To School" stat.  The "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and "What To Expect During the Toddler Years" authors kinda left us hanging.

What lunch room lesson has your kid brought home?

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