Child Care Amendment to Increase Costs If Passed

I received this email from a friend, and immediately wanted to share it with you.  Please act on this.  We need to look out for our neighbors and ensure their children remain in child care so that their parents can continue to go to work to provide a home and keep food on the table.  My friend does not use this program but is actively seeking to assist those in Nassau County that do.  We have already seen cuts in youth programs, now babies are being targeted.  This has got to stop.  I just sent an email to my local elected officials using the link below and it was extremely easy.  Stand with me!

Dear all,

I am writing because my son's daycare let me know about a proposed amendment to the child care section of Nassau's Child and Family Services plan that would negatively affect children from lower income families.  Ultimately, what would end up happening if this amendment is passed is that their parents will no longer receive child care subsidies from NY state toward their child care costs, and they will have to choose between paying their living expenses and sending their child to a licensed day care, or choosing between working or quit working to take care of their children because the daycare costs are too high.  While this amendment is being proposed in Nassau county, if this is approved other counties (including New York, Queens and Westchester County) will likely follow along the same line.

Here is a link from the Nassau County Child Care Council with more information on this:

Click here to send an email to our County Elected Officials and you will help make sure Nassau County working families have help to pay for child care that keeps parents earning and children learning.

Additional Information from Nassau County Child Care Council:

Nassau County DSS Commissioner John Imhof has proposed changes to the Nassau County Child Care Plan.  These changes will reduce parent eligibility for child care subsidies and will increase parent fees.

We oppose these 2 changes:

Elimination of the maximum cap on the Family Share Fee currently set at 10% of annual gross income.
Income Eligibility Limits for Title XX child care services, currently 275% for a Family of 2, 255% of 4 or more, will be reduced to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level for all family sizes.
Parents and providers can go on record today to oppose these changes.

Take action now, then share this information/post with parents, friends, family and neighbors and encourage them to take action.

For more information, contact our Toll-Free CSEA Child Care Call Center at  877-483-2732


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