Are YOU On Your "To Do" List?

I have to admit that the answer is no. I am trying my best everyday and I am getting closer but the answer is still no.

Not me, but I like this blouse
This past weekend, I was able to go into Manhattan for Sheckys Girls Night Out where I met five Long Island Mommy friends to enjoy a little shopping, music and dinner. The shopping was minimal but we had a great time.  However, I needed a mani, pedi, and some new "married with children" clothing. I don't mean clothing from the hit '80s sitcom but with summer over I need to beef up my Fall/Winter wardrobe. 

With all of the running around I have been doing I haven't made adequate time for me to do me. That's not good.  I haven't been the friend I need others to be to me. I don't have a juicy novel or autobiography cued up on my Kindle. I don't have a spa appointment scheduled where I can finally use the $200 Spa Castle and Bliss Spa gift certificates I received for my birthday last Spring. I don't have a lunch date scheduled with any friends this month.  I have not exercised in Lord knows when.

This is simply not acceptable. This has got to change. This will change today.

Are YOU on your "To Do" list?


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