Almost 10,000 Hits Last Month

Almost anyway....
Wow, I'm pretty excited to announce that this little old community blog (with national appeal) almost cleared 10,000 hits in September!  That's huge!!!!  Things are only going to get better.  I just need to work on me becoming a little more open and share a few more things with you from my personal perspective on motherhood.  I don't want to expose my family too much and respect our privacy, however the kids have been giving me sooo much content to write about lately.

But to you, I thank you for visiting this blog daily, weekly, or even monthly.  For you, I am grateful.

Top 3 posts of September:

$25 Costume Giveaway

The W.A.N.T.E.D. Project

Is This How All Boys Act?

Be sure to read them and share with your friends!

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