Pre-K Lunch Diaries - Monday (Today)

I have decided to chronicle the lunch saga I have going on over here with my Pre-K kid. He has never eaten in class before so its all new to him.  Everyday its a new experience I just have to share.

Valley Stream Son is getting better with the lunch thing. He's eating a little better however, he's still not quite understanding that when you eat  something and finish it, you then throw it in the garbage.

Today, the Gogurt wrapper came back empty (at least he got some calcium today), and he ate most of his sandwich. He simply refuses to eat the crust. I usually don't eat the top crust, so maybe it's hereditary. There's quite a bit of evidence that the Goldfish were given some attention today and the Oreos were totally disrespected and came home crushed. I thought he liked them. Maybe the cookie phase is over. Of course, the juice was totally gone.

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  1. This is very healthy diet for students. Thanks for sharing. Actually I am writing my essay project and getting important points from different blogs and forums and This is my pleasure to being here on this blog..

  2. Thank you for your comment, Ed. Our household is adamant about eating a balanced diet. What habits you form now in children should last a lifetime.

  3. Ed, I apologize but I removed your other comment on college essays by mistake. My cell hit the delete key. Great comment, however. I wish someone had written this for me years ago.