Ticket & Ride Tips: Blessed Sacrament Family Festival

The annual Blessed Sacrament Family Festival opens this Thursday complete with official opening day ceremony.  The family and I attended last year.  I never pass up a funnel cake or any friend thingy on a stick so why start now?  I also never pass up the opportunity to say no to a ride and there WILL be a Ferris Wheel if it's anything like last year's event.  Who is "Ferris" anyway and why did he build a big wheel?  What makes me cringe is not the roundy round motion of the wheel, but it's the rocking of the carriage while going roundy round and worse...stopping while they change passengers.  I rode the FW once with my boyfriend (now my husband) because I liked him and practically crapped my pants.  Ask him.  He'll tell you.  We'll do anything for love, won't we?

Not doin' it

Now, the most memorable moment from the carnival last year was watching my children ride the kiddie roller coaster.  I'm not telling you this so you will stay away, but I want you to be aware of what type of rides you are putting your children on.  Last year after the kids completed the kiddie coaster, my then 3 year old was so excited after riding that he didn't wait for the attendant to help him get out of the seat.  He took it upon himself to get up and stepped out of the car.  On the wrong side of the coaster.  He was within inches of falling off of the platform down below into God knows what...machinery, wires, motors, grass.  All I remember is me screaming, running in slow motion as Gibson Dad/Hero James Giordano leaps in front of me and grabs my son pulling him to safety.  As my heart came to a stop, which took minutes to start back up...or was that my breathing...I don't recall, I felt like passing out.

Parents, please be aware of the rides.  I don't know for sure, but I don't believe mobile carnivals are held to the same safety standards as places like Six Flags or Cedar Point.  Now that you've been made aware, my job is done.

See you Thursday for the opening ceremony.

Facebook "Ticket Tip" from Milbrook Resident, Natalie Cange:

"You can buy 10 ride tickets for $20 until Wednesday. Starting Thursday, ride tickets are 10 for $25 or $3 each. It's a great deal to buy them early. I bought 20 ride tickets today for $40.  There will be 10 rides and each ride = 1 ticket.)

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