My Day in Lynbrook: Froyo, Jumpin', Dining, & Creatin'

So far Valley Stream Daughter wants to try Fencing, archery, ping pong, and gymnastics after watching a weekend of the Olympic games.  Now that's a lot.  Right now I think we'll stick to tennis, art, and tap dancing.  We'll see what happens in a few years.  I love to watch gymnastics but I don't want to stunt my daughter's growth.  I could be wrong but aren't all gymnasts short?

Last weekend was a pretty busy one and a bit relaxing at the same time.  We started Friday off with the "Jump for Joy" program at the Lynbrook Library.  Registration preference is given to Lynbrook residents but if space allows they will allow non residents into the program.  The program consists of toddler favs "Bob the Builder," "Happy and You Know It," "I've Been Working on the Railroad," and my Valley Stream Son's all-time favorite, "Thomas the Tank" theme song.  I found myself rockin' to "Dancing in the Street" while hula hooping, very poorly I might add.  The kids dressed up in hard hats, police hats, race car driver hats, and even took turns crawling through a Thomas the Tank tunnel.  During a little break, I snapped this photo of my son and his pre-k classmate.  You should definitely sign up for the library's various programs shown here.  

We then visited 16 Handles, which by the way has more than 16 flavors, the new frozen yogurt place on Atlantic Avenue in Lybrook. Can you say yum?  I explored all of the flavors and even sampled Pomegranate Tart which was waaaay too tart for me.  I'll take my Pomegranate in a Martini or tea next time. I eventually chose Vanilla Sky and then topped it with fresh strawberries, M&Ms, and brownie bites.  They don't offer whipped cream.  What?  Something about a franchise agreement, blah I'm taking my own next time.  

After Valley Stream Daughter's at Creative Art Space for Kids Foundation also in Lynbrook, we met Valley Stream Dad at home only to run right back out of the door for dinner.  I try not to cook on Friday nights and this night was no exception.  We found ourselves back in Lynbrook at McQuades.  This is our second time dining at the self-proclaimed "neighborhood grille" and it didn't disappoint.  The waitstaff was friendly and attentive and the food was delicious.  I forgot about the Olympic ceremony that evening but fortunately for us, we were surrounded by big screen televisions.  Unfortunately for us, there was no sound on the television leaving us to interpret the ceremony which looked a bit odd to us.  Fortunately 

All of the places in this post are definitely "Mommy Approved."  

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