Why I Love My Kindle

I know I am pretty late to the game, but I just had to tell you why I simply love my Kindle.  It's really a joint toy between my husband and I, but it takes him forever to read a book to completion.  I don't think we'll ever bump heads over who gets to use it.

He bought it off of Amazon around Christmas and it sat in its box for a months.  I didn't touch it and neither did he.  I felt it was just one more electronic to figure out.  As the buzz was building about Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, I thought hmmm...should I get it?  Then I put it off.

Months later, the book came up as the summer read within a mommy group I'm apart of.  The buzz was still around about Fifty Shades so I thought, why not get the book?  I went to the one and only bookstore in Nassau County nearest Valley Stream it seems, and they only had paperback copies.  I like hard cover so instead I decided to download the book on my Kindle.  WOW!  I am in love with this.

My lil' sis has the fancy schmancy Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi which is just what this house doesn't need.  Our kids are already addicted to our phones and Ipad with all of the games we have on each device.  Many of them educational but of course, who doesn't have the addicting Angry Birds?  The Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook is cool too, but I'm all about my Kindle.

My basic e-reader is just $79 and has no bells and whistles.  It's just a simple digital book that I can take to the Valley Stream Library, Hendrickson kiddie pool, and even Barrett Park Camp where I sit and wait in my car reading the juicy digital pages of Christian Grey and Ana Steele waiting for Valley Stream Daughter to be dismissed. No embarrassment here.

Is there an off button on this thing? If you know how to turn it off, please inform me.

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