Valbrook Baseball Camp

Is anyone keeping track of how many baseball leagues Valley Stream has because I'm starting to lose count.  We have Valley Stream Little League, Valley Stream Baseball League (the link is dead...uh oh) and now Valbrook Baseball Academy.  Gimme a sec.  I want to check out their website and see what this is about.

Oh, so I just read a bit more of the Valbrook website and it appears as if coaches around Nassau County gather together to help develop the baseball skills of teams in Valley Stream, Lynbrook and beyond.  Now that's a collaboration.  Two weeks are spent at Fireman's Field in Valley Stream, and two at Greis Park in Lynbrook.  That's fair, right?

The camp is weekly July 9 - August 3, whoops!  Missed a week, but that's okay.  Camp is hosted daily from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Lunch and transpo are provided by the parents.  However, the camp has arranged for a catering company to provide lunch at a cost I'm sure.  Nothing is free these days.

Weekly registration: $275 
(discount for multiple weeks and $10 discount for sibs...not much of a sib discount now is it?)

For info call: (516) 377-1801
Email info:
Register here

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