8 Tips for Traveling with a Baby to Disney: Part II

Special guest Blogger Linda Scruggs who recently shared her experience with traveling to Disney with kids, is back with more travel tips.  This time, she helps you newbies with much needed tips to make your trip prep a smooth one.

Traveling with a baby

1.  Take advantage of the Baby Care Centers which are located in each park. They are clean, always staffed, and have baby changing tables that are huge and clean, cold water/hot water, and baby products for purchase.

2.  If you use Pampers, make sure you bring enough.  Disney World only carries the Huggies brand.

3.  Ship a box to yourself in advance of items you'll need. I shipped a box a week before to the Boardwalk Resort with my name, reservation # and date arriving.  It contained diapers, baby food, wipes, an extra baby blanket, an extra crib sheet, etc.

4.  Don't risk using new soap/baby shampoo during a vacation. If your baby has a sensitivity which causes a reaction, it would be no fun.  Pack what is usually used at home.

5.  Watch the parades. Every park has at least 1 or 2 per day.  Our baby and 4-year-old LOVED watching all the performers wave and the music.

6.  Each park rents strollers for a daily fee but they are terrible. If you think you may need to rent a stroller, use an outside rental company. I've listed the one we used below, in the rentals category, and they were great.

7.  Slow your pace.  Traveling with a baby will throw any schedule off.  Although extra patience is needed, the experience is absolutely well worth it.

8.  Do NOT let your husband buy your son a sword after riding Pirates of the Caribbean. That thing is a weapon. :)

Travelling to Disney With Little Ones: Part I

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