Tips for Tonight's Fireworks & Street Closings

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Valley Stream Son.  The nursery kids attending Holy Trinity's Summer Camp proudly grabbed their craft projects that they've been working on since last week before dismissal yesterday.  I know there are a few too many stars, but hey, it's still so darn cute!

See you at the fireworks tonight!  I hear the doors open at 6 p.m.  Tickets will be sold at the gate until they're all gone.  The pool is open today as are grocery stores!

We live a few blocks from Fireman's Field and usually walk to them.  However, if you don't it's best to get to the area early to secure your parking spot.  Street closures and block parties will be everywhere so arrive early.  Streets close pretty early around 7 'ish, maybe earlier.  Fortunately, our kids are finally enjoying the fireworks.  Our first year in VS, Valley Stream Daughter cried the whole time and grandma had to take her home.  I think our son who was barely a month old....wait, I can't recall if he came with us or not.  My parents may have been in town with us then and stayed at the house with him.  Anyhoo, the following year, she went, covered her ears the whole time and clenched her eyes shut.  Now they're both pros at this.  I'm hoping for a good time and pray the rain stays away.

A Few Tips

Stop by the dollar store and pick up a glow in the dark trinket for your kid.  The street vendors will be out with inflated prices.  I'm ready.  I'm bringing Buzz Light Year from Disney and my daughter's magic wand she recently acquired from Lord knows where.

Strollers are not allowed on the grass.  I do believe they ask you to fold them up and leave them beside the bleachers. I'm not a bleacher fan.  They hurt my tooshy.

The Valley Stream Youth Council kids will be inside the gates selling treats and beverages.  Stop by and help the kids raise a little cash for outings.  The ice cream truck is also usually outside of the gates selling sugary favorites.

Bring a blanket if you're viewing the 'works from inside the gates.  Last year, Bethlehem Assembly of God gave out Frisbees. I wonder what they're giving out this year.  We're bringing bubbles and will be seated in the middle of the field.  Stop by and say hi!!  Beware, I will have my camera!

Happy Independence Day!

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