Top 5 Makeup “Must Haves” for Moms on the Go!

"Put yourself on your "To Do" list - Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States

Just this past Monday, I found myself in the presence of Michelle Obama.  Yes, the wife of President Barack Obama and America's First Lady.  I knew that by receiving an invitation from the Mocha Moms to The White House for the African American Women's Forum, there was a 50% chance she would be there.  However when I visited in February for a "Mom's Briefing," she stayed in the main house greeting tourists while the forum I attended was housed in the Eisenhower Building.  Anyhoo, when Mrs. Obama walked out we were immediately in awe.

She was simply gorgeous and put together from head to toe.  As a pageant girl, she looked like she could take the title of Mrs. America.  Her shoulder length hair was perfect, flipped on one side.  She wore a yellow and green ruffled blouse and skirt that only she could pull off.  Her makeup.  Oh, her make up was flawless.  She was statuesque, worked the room with class and style, and addressed me with class and style as she declined to come a wee bit into the first row where I was standing to take a photo.  I'm sure for security reasons.  I'm sure I'll have another chance to meet her.

I asked my friend and makeup artist Marsha Page to help us women on the go achieve a fresh look to take us from school drop offs to pick ups.  Women, you must always look beautiful, if not at least for yourself.

Top 5 Makeup “Must Haves” for 
Moms on the Go!

By Marsha Page- Makeup Artist

   1Tinted Moisturizer- Used in place of foundation, a great tinted moisturizer gives your skin an extra boost of moisture, sheer coverage to even out skin tone, and is easy to apply. Just swipe it on with your fingers or sponge and go! (Recommendations: MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 and NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF30 )

    2.  Concealer – A great under eye concealer is perfect to brighten eyes and erase dark circles when sleep deprivation has finally taken its toll! Apply a few small dabs with your fingertips, on top of an eye cream, for a smooth finish that will decrease caking under the eyes.  (Recommendation: MAC Studio Finish Concealer spf 35 NC30 )

3    3.  Mascara - Having mascara that will lengthen and add volume to your lashes is a must.  It takes a few seconds to apply and makes all the difference in the world! Always start application and the base of your lash line and gently wiggle the brush wand horizontally across your lashes and you work your way up to the top of your lash for a fuller appearance. (Recommendation:  Maybelline Great Lash Mascara )

      4.  Blush – An awesome blush to brighten skin tone and define cheekbones is essential to your everyday routine. Select a blush with a soft warm color and slight shimmer that will reflect light. This will give your already natural looking skin a nice glow! (Recommendation: NARS Orgasm Blush (or Blush Duo)

      5.  Lip gloss- To accentuate your lips and bring your entire “on the go” look together, the perfect lip gloss is the icing on the cake.  Try using a color that reflects the season, like using a berry colored or brown gloss on a nice fall day.  Great summer colors are orange and pink tones. Most cosmetic brands have great brushes for quick and easy application. (Recommendations: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact ROSE GOLD and MAC Lip Gloss LustreGlass Flusterose , Cultured, Pink Lemonade and Nymphette)

You can follow Marsha on Twitter @marshamakeovers  or "Like" her page on Facebook.  She's also available for a consultation, or to make YOU look beautiful for your next special event.

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