Rapunzel: Broadway Comes to Long Island

ValleyStreamMom.com was honored to have been invited to review The John Engeman Theatre's adaptation of "Rapunzel" sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Inspite of the 50 minute ride and windy road out to Northport, the first reaction I can think of was "wow."  The theatre was breathtaking and adorned in reds and golds which are two of my favorite color combos.  I could tell we were near as little girls dressed in tu-tus and tiaras walked down the street toward the plush theatre.  Darn it!  Why didn't I think of that?

The Witch smiles as the Cobbler and his wife hand over baby Rapunzel in exchange for food promised years earlier

The play was one of Broadway quality with all four actors playing all 12 parts.  I actually found myself counting the characters trying to guess who was going to play what next.  The vocal ability of all of the actors was phenomenal.  Honestly, the children's productions I have seen on the Island can't hold a note to the cast of Rapunzel.  Pun intended.

Where did they find this wig? LOVED it!

Disney's recent adaptation of Tangledmay still be fresh in your child's mind.  You may want to explain to them that it will be different.  I honestly don't quite remember the story as a child.  So when Brian was introduced as Prince Brian, I was a bit thrown off as was my Valley Stream Daughter.  In Tangled, Rapunzel was a princess, however in this production she was not.  

Rapunzel and Prince Brian discuss the reasoning behind this hair

A few cute highlights that caught my attention was when Rapunzel was referred to as Rapumpkin and Rapretzel by Prince Brian.  Four year old Valley Stream Son and Roslyn friend Morgan, LOL'd a few times.  A mention of the Prince having 700 Facebook friends also made me giggle.  I actually giggled alot.  The Prince tugged at my heartstrings when he said others referred to him as the "hero who is a zero" because he hasn't saved anyone.  Awww......

Prince Brian post curse being closely examined as Rapunzel looks on

 When he finally rescued Rapunzel from her tower, the Witch cast a blinding spell on him.  Hence the sunglasses.  Of course Valley Stream Daughter wanted a pair.

Freshly coiffed Rapunzel (Christina Corsaro) with Prince Brian (Evan Teich)

Here, the Prince explains to the newly coiffed Rapunzel that she was swindled by the wig maker who gave her 12 coins for her hair.  Rapunzel then took the money and bought what she thought was a carriage, only to learn it wasn't.

Rapunzel and Prince Brian make it through the woods and into the castle to see the King

The entire cast was wonderful, but I truly enjoyed Adam Mosenbach.  He played 6 roles which included The Story Teller, Simon the Valet, Innkeeper, Man with Mop, Castle Guard, King, and I think he sold me the candy during intermission.  LOL. 

It's a wrap!

I have to say that this production of Rapunzel is definitely "Mother Approved" and I highly recommend that you pack up the bunchkins and make the short trip to Northport. Tickets are just $15/child. Boosters seats are available and free, and the concession stand comes to you during intermission.  He didn't have change for me, but at least it's convenient.  The cast comes out for an autograph session aftwerwards.  I just wish Rapunzel would have put the long hair back on to make for better photos.

A few tips:

  • Free street parking on Sundays
  • Take at least one activity for the kids to enjoy during the 50-min ride to the theatre (from Valley Stream)
  • The theatre gets pretty dark seconds before showtime.  Prepare the little ones for this.
  • Stop by kid-friendly Campari Ristorante for pizza.  The waitress was very nice to my two kiddos and Roslyn twins Morgan and Grace.
  • Just around the corner is a marina complete with playground.  Let the kids wear themselves out before heading back home.
  • Enjoy the show!

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Youth Theatre Series @ the John Engeman Theater
250 Main Street
Northport, NY 11768
Ticket Info

Upcoming Performances

"Rapunzel" A Tangled Fairytale
July 14 - August 19
Saturday @ 11 a.m.
Sundays @ 10:30 a.m.
Special performance on Wednesday, July 25th @ 10:30 a.m.
Tickets: $15

September 22 - October 28

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
November 24 - January 6, 2013

2013 Schedule

Pinkalicious The Musical
February 2 - March 10

Alice in Wonderland
March 30 - May 5

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
June 1 - July 14

Photo credits: Valley Stream Mom (I love my camera!)

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