The Juming Gym: Review & FREE Class Trial

A few weeks ago, Valley Stream Son and I visited West Hempstead's newest play space, The Jumping Gym.  I read about it on Facebook somewhere and decided to contact the owner to see if we could stop by for a visit and give it a review.  She immediately said yes, and we were on our merry way.  

The Jumping Gym, located at 300 Hempstead Turnpike in West Hempstead, NY,  is probably less than 15 minutes away from Valley Stream and very easy to get to.  One their website, there is a list of classes and so when we arrived, I expected there to be a group of kids we would join only to find out that because the space is so new, there weren't any children.  Yet! subscribers will receive a chance to participate in a free class.  Keep reading...

The facility had ample parking giving visitors easy access to the building.  Once we entered, there was a sitting area where we were encouraged to remove our shoes.  It's one of those places were you must wear socks, and because it's summer, we weren't wearing any.  Of course, there were socks available for purchase for just $1. I think this should be listed on the website to alert newcomers, dont'cha think?

We were the only guests there and received one on one personalized attention.  I was sort of hoping for a group class so I could give an accurate review of the classes offered, but again, the place is new.  Let's give it some time. They have a theme each week.  Cute! The theme for the week when we attended was farm animals.  My son made each animal sound as he jumped into the hoops to pick up the plush toy.  Cute.  They read farm stories, one being "Old Mac Donald" which made me realize that my son sings like his dad.  Oy.

The facilitator played games with my son, whirled him around on some skateboard type thingy only flipping him off once.  He was okay.  I asked a few questions about the gym and this is what was said:

What's the The Jumping Gym's purpose?
The purpose is to provide a safe and secure environment where everyone can go to bond, be active, make friends, and learn from each other.  Moms/dads/grandparents can bring the little ones and have quality time together outside the home while having fun.  The Jumping Gym wants to promote being active and healthy from a very young age and hope that these habits will remain with the children as they grow older.  We are a local gym right here in the neighborhood.  There are many people living in this neighborhood and do not know who their neighbors are.  Coming to The Jumping Gym can connect parents and their children can grow up as friends, eventually they may go to the same schools as friends.  Once people start making connections there will be opportunities to learn from one another.
What types of classes do you offer?
Right now the only classes that we do offer are infant-toddler gym classes with parent participation.  There are 6 different stages depending on your child's age.  The ages we currently have are up to age 3.

How long has JG been open?
We are very brand new.  We have been open almost 5 weeks now.

Do you just birthday parties? What does it include?
We do offer birthday parties.  All our birthday parties include: exclusive use of our gym, 2 party leaders, a hour long party and 30 minutes in the birthday room.  We have basic 3 different packages depending on individual needs.  All the information can be found on our website.  If there is something that someone has in mind that is not included we will try our best to accommodate.

Your gym has classes for kids up to age 3.  Why is that?
Right now our gym classes are up to age three.  I wanted to primarily focus on kids up to age 3 right now because there are many moms with children in this age group that are not in daycare or preschool; they are looking for activities to do with their children to give them a chance to socialize and bond.  This is especially important if they are an only child.

Will you have programming for older kids in the future?
Yes, we do plan on offering programs for older children in the future.  For example, karate and yoga.  In addition we plan to offer health programs for parents as well. 

Can older kids join the Mommy & Me playtime?
Older kids can join the open gym.  If they get bored we have arts and crafts for them to do.

Meet the Owner
My name is Lani Cherry.  I am married for 6 years now with a 2 1/2 year old daughter.  It was not until I had my daughter that I realized how hard it is find activities for children to do.  She is still an only child, and although we have family and friends with children we do not get to see them often.  I also wanted to enter in a field where I would have an opportunity to spend more time with her.  She is growing up so fast and I don't want to miss out on it.  I will only get this opportunity once.

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  1. Thank you so much for coming down to review The Jumping Gym. We are looking forward to having you back on the 25th, to experience a class with more children. The pictures you took look great.
    Lani Cherry