Bedtime Reading: StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors

After a brief struggle, my kids decided that last night's reading would be StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors. I met the author last summer while she was promoting her StinkyKids series and had the book on one of my StinkyKid's bookshelves.

Valley Stream Daughter took the initiative to read the book to her brother while sitting on my lap.  Ouch.  She's a big girl but who am I to tell a kid they can't sit on my lap?  I think I will next time....anyhoo, she read the book to Valley Stream Son very well, I must say.  As she read the story, it quickly reminded me of how my daughter's classmate took it upon herself to cut my daughter's hair in class.  Yes, in class.  Where were the teachers?  Her real teacher was out for the day, so she was safe from this mess.  However, the sub and teacher's assistant were still on duty.

My StinkyKids with author Britt Menzies
In the book, StinkyKid Britt, named after the author Britt Menzies, had gum in her hair.  She went to a friends house for a playdate with a group of other StinkyKids who just so happened to be playing barber/beauty shop.  How coincidental.  The StinkyKids tried peanut butter and ice to remove the gum but it didn't work.  So what did they use?  You guessed it, scissors!!!!!!!  Where were the parents in all of this?  This is art imitating life. Life imitating art. Geez!

In my situation, my daughter had a ponytail in her face and said aloud to another classmate, "My hair is too long."  So what did the other kid do?  She asked my daughter if she could cut it, and she did.  Then my daughter cut her hair.  Wait....what?  Is this the same kid who said she wanted long hair just last year like another classmate?  Kids are soooo confusing.  Of course I discovered her new 'do while combing it the next morning.  Minutes before bus pickup.  Funny how Valley Stream Daughter can remember to tell on everyone else but when it comes to her, she forgets.

Valley Stream Son poking StinkyKid Billy in the eye.
Anyhow, my story didn't end with a parent meeting at the school, which it should have.  I did speak with both the teacher and principal, however a meeting with the other girls parent would have made me feel alot better.  I wanted to give her the ice grill at graduation but I didn't know who the parent nor the classmate was.  I wouldn't have been mean, but I would have been a bit passive aggressive.  Something like, "So I see you're training your kid to be a hair stylist?"  Or something like, "Do you tell your kids to 'cut that out' alot at home?"  Yes, I wanted to go there, but my home training didn't let me. Darnit!

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