Touching Moment @ Willow Road Field Day

Last Friday I attended field day at my daughter's school.  They came out of the school like champions lined up in their golden shirts.  How adorable. I remember my school's field day where we competed against each other in various sports and won ribbons.  While the kids weren't awarded any ribbons they were awarded bragging rights.  My daughter's class won all three tug -of-war contests, including the one against parents where the teacher promised the students no bedtime if they won.  Wait, what?  Aside from the head on collision my daughter had with another little girl, she had alot of fun.

One thing that truly touched my heart occurred during the relay race.  Two classes were competing with one another as they ran around a square using a baton which they handed off to a classmate once the student completed their lap.  A boy in my daughter's class had to race against a very determined little girl who wore two leg braces, who definitely didn't let the braces stand in her way.  She was trying just as hard as the children without braces.  When the little boy reached her opponent, he slowed down and began to run at the same pace as the little girl.  My heart stopped and my eyes welled with tears.  He refused to lap this little girl and completed the race with her.  Wow.  Mom, you're doing an amazing job with your son.

The kids had a great time and kudos to the Willow Road PTA for providing the kids with juicy watermelon, scrumptious pizza, and an overall entertaining kind of a day.  My only complaint is to the weathermen who didn't warn us that it was going to be such a hot, sun shiny, day.  But then, are they ever right?

When is your child's field day?


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