Community Voices: Elmont School Budget Re-Vote - June 19th

Written by: Jon Johnson 
President, Elmont Cardinals Sports Club

The failure of not passing the initial Budget is paramount, but if the  Re-Vote fails it will be devastating to the CHILDREN of OUR Community.  Sadly, parents won't realize the IMPACT of this occurrence until it’s too late. We will hear parents screaming in September "WHY?!?!?!" Well the why is very easy...  Parents aren't INVOLVED enough.  There's over 5,000 residents in the Town of Elmont and only 2,000 comes out to Vote on a budget outcome which DIRECTLY effects their CHILDS Future...

Many residents don't know where to Vote.  Many don't know when the VOTE is, despite having a sign on Dutch Broadway in front of the school saying when the Vote is.  The Impact will trickle down to the kids of Elmont and sadly, they won't have a voice to say anything about the Impact....  Way to Go Parents (Sarcasm)

Budget Re-Vote Rally
Saturday, June 16th
Dutch Broadway Elementary School
Time: 11 a.m.


Written by: Simone Ross
Director of Cheerleading
Elmont Cardinals Sports Club

The current Budget issue, is a very scary one, because it affects programs that I believe are beneficial to the development of our children. Our organization The Elmont Cardinals Sports Club, does not only offer sport team options to both parents and their children, we offer opportunities for children to be healthy; more socially conscious, aware, and excited to be a part of the community process; Our children fare better on an academic level, because they are focused and respect the concept of hard work and  meeting goals. Without the YES votes in next month’s Re-vote, Elmont would lose not only a part of the Elmont Sports Club, but many other youth organization programs, after-school, music/arts, and enrichment, programs  designed and geared towards nurturing a well-rounded child. It would be a tragedy for residents to vote against the very foundation of our countries future..THE CHILDREN!

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