New Dinosaur Theme Park Opens in Jersey

Photo courtesy of Field Station: Dinosaurs

I actually sat down to read the paper this morning while accompanying my almost 4 year old as he ate his breakfast of boiled eggs, big toast with only jelly (that's a whole piece, uncut), orange juice, and vitamin with fluoride.  Darnit!  Forgot the fruit.  Next time.  We read Newsday together and while he was reading about the AAA Cruise Sale, I was reading about the new dinosaur theme park which just opened in Secaucus, NJ.  I finally got his attention off of the cruise sale and asked if he wanted to go.  To the dino park, not the cruise.  He, being a boy who likes playing in dirt, said yes. Now, to just find an open Saturday or Sunday during the summer to actually go visit.

The article said the dinos are enormous, realistic, and animatronic, which I think means "moves just like the real thing," which reminds me of the life-like dinosaur at the Times Square Toy's 'R Us.  I think the kids will enjoy it.   I may even enjoy it.  I'm a girly girl, but anything to make my kids happy.  I'll gladly trade in my strappy sandals and handbag for some sneakers and a backpack for the experience of a lifetime.

Field Station: Dinosaurs
1 Dinosaur Way
1000 New County Road
Secaucus, NJ
Hours: Saturday/Sundays through June 17 - 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Open daily beginning June 21 (Park closes for the season November 11)
Tickets: Advanced tickets - $21, Door $25 for Adults
Seniors 65+ and Children 3 - 12 - $18.50 (Advanced); $20 at the door
Parking Fee: $10

Info: (973) 748-4561
Tickets: (855) 999-9010

Read more about my dining experience at Disney's T-Rex Cafe.

T-Rex Cafe - Downtown Disney

The new dino attraction in Jersey instantly reminds me of the dining experience we had our first night in Disney.  After our flight arrived, we decided to start out vacation off at Downtown Disney.  The wait at ALL of the restaurants were out of control.  At least 75 minutes to dine at T-Rex, which I must admit was worth the wait.

This big guy greeted us at the entrance.  

Throughout your dining experience, there is a meteor shower that tries to emulate what took the dinosaurs out eons ago.  The monkey's make noise, pterodactyls flap their wings, mammoths make noise.  It's truly a great experience for the kids.  Well, not the first time but by the 3rd or 4th time, it's pretty old hat to them.

I had the Pteradactyl Salad - Roasted Chicken, mixed greens, celery, tomatoes, Blue cheese crumbles (which I held), chopped egg and bacon. Tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing (which I subbed for Ranch) - $16.99 

I wish I had thought of the Build-A-Bear/Dino/Dog empire.  I would be rich by now.

I can't quite remember what my husband ate, but this looks like Salmon which I don't see on the current menu.  It also looks like I took the photo AFTER he dove into his meal.

This is the cool gift shop which we were able to bypass while the kids weren't looking.  We were just  hours into our Disney trip.  Who wants the first souvenir to be from a restaurant gift shop?

I didn't take a photo but I'm pretty sure the kids had the customary chicken fingers and fries.  

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