Justice for My Daughter

What's so happy about Mondays, right? Well, for me my oldest and I are going to her first grade orientation today and I'm so happy for her.  We went to Justice this weekend and found an amazing 40% off of EVERYTHING sale. I think she was so overwhelmed at all of her choices that she had trouble making decisions on where to start.  So of course, I jumped in and helped her.  A few sparkly and one arm shirts later, which will be covered by a white bolero jacket, we left the store spending only $56.  Not bad.  She's happy and I'm happy she's happy.   I will share the story later of what led us to shop at Justice after approximately 100 asks. I'm somewhat bothered by the reason my daughter wanted to shop at this store especially after I couldn't wait to shop there months ago.  She wouldn't wear what I bought. I guess she wasn't ready because the top she chose this weekend resembles what I bought her.  I guess the saying about timing is everything  really makes sense.

Time to get ready for orientation so I have to run.  I look forward to meeting the teachers and staff and hopefully a few parents.


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