Bedtime Reading Selections

Tonight, 3 year old Valley Stream Kid wanted me to read him Grover's Book of Cute Little Words (Sesame Street Books).  Our neighbors who are now ages 13, 15, and 18 unloaded the majority of the children's books on us which has been awesome.  It was a bit much at first, but considering that all of the girls are high honors, I'm okay with it.

We enjoyed reading this book.  In the middle of the book, I began to ask Valley Stream Kid how to spell certain words which was a good/bad thing.  It helped him with spelling but it also made the story longer.

You can find Grover's Book of Cute Little Words (Sesame Street Books)on Amazon for just $3.99 by simply clicking the link.  Very cute story.  I think now we will go out in our backyard to discover a few more "little cute words."  We may even write them out and tape them to his wall.

My 6 year old Valley Stream Kid wanted to read kid classic Corduroybecause she may get to take the school bear home this week for just one night.  Never mind she only has 4 days left of school and I don't recall a note coming home stating this. I am not one to kill a child's hopes so I am not saying a word.

This classic tale is a great read for those who can sit still long enough to see what's going to happen.  Will Corduroyfind his missing button?  Will he get to sleep in his own bed?  Will someone finally buy the flawed bear?  Read it and you'll see.  You can also order Corduroyon Amazon for just $8.63 new or $6.09 used.


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