Ann, I know How You Feel

I admit that it was a bit awkward to watch the adorable Ann Curry at times.  I didn't get her wardrobe choices and hoped at some point someone would rush in to fire her stylist.  But that didn't happen.  After all of these years of reporting for The Today Show, one would think sitting in the big chair would be a piece of cake.  Looks like it wasn't.  It's probably like a singer being able to sing perfectly without jitters at Carnegie Hall, but  being nervous to sing at an audition where there are just a handful of people.

I knew what Ann was going through, minus the million dollar package and fame.  To have to come to work everyday knowing that your name was THE rumor mill.  As you walk down the hall, or in her case appear on TV, the whole office/world was whispering about you and who is going to replace you.

How do I know?  It happened to me.  You may have heard of my former boss.  He made headlines a few years ago after his 2nd marriage was highlighted in the New York Times Society Pages.  He met his wife while attending events at his children's school.  While his current wife was with him.  The two families even hung out together.  Vacationed together.  Scumbag. Well, actually I liked working with him until the day I was called in to his office to schedule a round a layoffs of all of the SVP's in the department.  Then my name came up.  Wait, what?  Apparently, he wanted someone to support him "who didn't have a life."  Yep.  That's what he said.  I had it on tape until I deleted it because the woman he wanted to replace me with was given access to my computer and phone code.  For some reason, his phone would dial my phone and I would receive odd recordings from his office.  It was a blessing in disguise but I erased it like a dummy.  Yes, I was done dirty.  He tried to replace me on the spot with an unmarried, motherless, lifeless woman who was the department's busybody.  I got the news October 25, 2009 and stayed in my position until December 17th. I think working moms should be a protected group.  Once we have children, we become targets.

I think working moms should be protected from workplace discrimination 

Why me?  I think it's because I started to question the weird travel expenses and wondered "who" he was meeting with during the day when he would just disappear.  I am not going to discredit my reputation for anyone.  The person he replaced me with had no morals or values in my opinion and was the perfect person to replace me.  Until he left her high and dry as well when the drama of his personal life leaked until his professional life.  Karma is a.....

I came to work every day with this weight on my shoulders, just as Ann has for the last few weeks.  Put yourself in her shoes.  She carried herself with grace and dignity by showing up for work and continuing her job as a professional should.  I did the same.  People asked me how on Earth was I able to do it.  It was hard, I admit.  I gained my strength by listening to Gospel music, the support of my husband, friends and of course, many conversations with God.  The music was uplifting.  I read alot to keep my spirits high.  I was beyond hurt.  I guess I should have known my boss was a jerk after offering me the job on my 2nd day of temping for his vacationing assistant.  The day I left, I didn't even say goodbye.  Childish, but I didn't want to give him another look.  When people show you who they are, believe them, says poet Maya Angelou.

I never set out to be a stay-at-home-mom, but God had another plan for me.  Some days I want to go back to work, and some days I want to stay home with the kids.  Most days I would love to work from home or even part time at an office.  We'll see what happens.  Valley Stream Son starts Kindergarten in September 2013 so we'll see what the wind blows my way.

Ann, you were a class act this week knowing what was about to go down.  I know you probably wanted to cut back on all the travelling and reporting from the field, but I enjoyed you out there.  Let Savannah take the job.  Let's see how long she lasts.  TV and Corporate America is a cut throat world.

Watch yo' back people.  Best of luck, Ann.

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