Summer Break Ain't What It Used To Be

Up until this very moment, I had writers block.  It's been a busy day today.  I volunteered at my daughter's school, ran some errands, cleaned up (well, I will when I'm done writing), have to take my daughter to tennis, and then speak at Clear Stream's PTA meeting tonight about my girls program.  I have alot going on right now so I had no idea what to write about.  Until now.

The summer is just a few short weeks away.  The schools are sending home slips to send in money for this and that, informing us of field days, summer camp info, etc.  There's alot of stuff going on right now.  The beginning of the school year was hectic, and the end of the year is no different.  Tennis is asking for a deposit for the Fall 2012-2013 session which I still am in disbelief.  Dance class is asking the same AND trying to recruit hard for summer classes AND wants the balance for the recital costume ASAP.  I'm ready to scream.  Can someone write ME a check? 

I'm looking forward to a quiet summer because I need a break from all of the ripping and running.  Right now, we have the kids registered for summer camp and we'll get a family pool pass.  One will go to camp daily from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and the other will go three days a week from 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.  As you can see, I'll already be running crazy and one will be late each day because both camps start at the same time.  I have two other friends who have the same issue.  We could carpool, but this is why I need a mini van.  I'm not mentally ready for a mini van.  Don't camp directors talk to one another?  They can't go to the same camp because of age differences.

In addition to morning camp, it's been suggested to me that the kids enroll in enrichment classes such as Hofstra Saturday classes for kids, swim, music, and art.  So, there goes my relaxing summer.  I'm already stressed, but I have to remember that I want the kids to have the best upbringing possible and be exposed to as much as possible.  I guess I can rest in the year 2026.

What are your plans this summer?  Do you think parents overschedule their kids in the summer as well?  What's the perfect summer for you?

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