#Let's Move: Get Your Kids Off the Couch This Summer

The week is over and what a doozy it has been.  I think most of this week my husband and I have been tagging each other with the kids.  Actually, the moment he walks in we kiss and I head out of the door.  It's been that kind of week and I'm glad it's over, however the work of a parent never ends.  We now have to put the summer plans in motion and make it happen.  First Lady Michelle Obama made the following remarks at a Let's Move event as stated on the website:

"Being active and moving more doesn't mean training like our nation’s elite athletes, but the more chances our kids have to move, the healthier their lives will be. And these new opportunities-- which range from swim lessons, to gymnastics clinics, to free membership at bike racing tracks, and much more -- will continue giving young people the chance to try something new long after the Olympics come to a close."

There's even a link that gives examples on what to do with children this summer to keep them active and off the couch.  

Okay.  Fine. 

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