It's A Big Night for Valley Stream Teens

These are not Central H.S. students, but an example of what you will see tonight
Today, Central High School will host its Annual Scholarship Dinner, Dance, and Fashion Show at the Coral House in Baldwin.  You can find the complete details here.  Last year my friend and I volunteered to help the models get dressed prior to the fashion show and at the last minute, the MC had to cancel due to a car accident on the way to the event.  I was asked to fill in, which I did with reservations, but I did.  Why?  I was dressed as a roadie in all black and a black cap so I was not "spotlight" ready.  Don't judge me.  We're all vain in some way or another.  But I'll do anything for the kids.  The kids had fun modeling prom gowns and the show was cute.  I honestly don't remember eating so I can't critique the food.  This year, I won't be attending.  It's our 9th wedding anniversary!  Love the kids, but tonight's a different kind of night.  See you next year!

The W.A.N.T.E.D. Project kicks off another class beginning tonight at Valley Stream Presbyterian Church where 8 young men will learn what it is to be W.A.N.T.E.D. This project is a 7-week program for young men, ages 12-18, to learn coping strategies and for the danger they face daily, such as fellow youth violence, police targeting, poor decision-making and other unforeseen circumstances that can cause our young men harm.

Dynamic speakers with backgrounds in social work, law enforcement, counseling, politics, and psychology will be invited to spend an hour per week with your youth to give them practical tools for avoiding incidences of violence. For example, when my son was attacked he was walking home from school and wearing headphones. Our young men must remember to stay alert even if they are blocks from home. For details, email Rev. K.C. Jones at You can find them on Facebook as well.

That's it for now.  Be sure to check the Library Listings link and the May Events Link. Enjoy your day!  What's up with this rain?

Question: Are you an alumni of Central High School?  Are you attending the fashion show tonight?

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  1. Mocha CharmaineFriday, 04 May, 2012

    The WANTED Program looks sensational. I'll look into it for my 14 year old son (who happens to look just like Trayvon Martin)Thank you for sharing the info!