Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?

Not to discredit the song made famous by dear old Mr. Rogers, but this song should be on everyone's mind before you move into any neighborhood.  Unfortunately, you may appear a bit strange if you go knocking on your would-be neighbor's door before buying a home, but in some cases it may not be such a bad idea.

I, like most parents, am getting tired of the registered sex offenders notifications being sent home from school.  I am glad they they are notifying us, however for a while it seemed as if we were receiving a notice every week.  One address that I have yet to confirm, and yes I do in fact drive by the home if an address appears too close for comfort to my home, is a bit close to Wheeler Avenue School.  I will do a drive by later this week.  I suggest you take a peek at this list and do so every month or as you see fit.  If your child is not enrolled in school yet, you may call or visit the nearest school or ask the principal to send the information to your home.

New York Sate Sex Offender Registry
Victims Squad of the Nassau County Police Department - (516) 73-8059

Did you check the sex offender list before moving into your home?

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