I'm A Commitment Phobic

I had an “aha” moment just the other day that totally took me off guard.  I am commitment phobic.  I don’t understand how I can have an issue with commitment.  I have been with the same man for almost 13 years.  I have never even had the desire to be with another man, unless you count Blair Underwood.  When I say “be with” I mean I went to a book signing he hosted at Borders in the Time Warner building where I once worked.  But other than that, I have never had the desire or itch to leave my husband.  So why am I having such a problem committing to buying household furniture?  Wait, did you think this was a blog post about infidelity?  I don’t think so.  It’s a post about how difficult it is for me to commit to home décor.
I could totally copy this but my bedroom is fine.

Now that I have completed the Proposal, “Say Yes to the Dress,” “A Wedding Story,” and “A Baby Story” segments of my life, I find myself stuck in the HGTV phase of my life.  I buy practically every décor magazine on grocery store shelves, I watch every HGTV show on the network and have even sat in the very first taping of The Nate Berkus Show.  So why can’t I commit to home décor?  I would love it if Nate or Dear Genevieve showed up at my door in the middle of the night to makeover my home and jump out from behind where my Price is Right sofa used to sit as I descend the staircase to pack my daughter’s chicken noodle soup, peanut butter crackers, pineapple cup, water bottle, and juice box while still in my plush robe. 

So what’s my problem? When shopping for clothes, I usually buy what’s on the mannequin.  It’s already put together and I don’t have any work to do.  I like shopping at stores such as TjMaxx and Marshalls for home décor, but can do without it when it comes to clothing.  Malls sometimes overwhelm me.  Way too many options.  I LOVE to walk the aisles of HomeGoods but am easily overwhelmed.  If I could decorate my home the way Oprah blessed those Chicago children with a shopping spree at Toys ‘R Us years ago, grabbing all they could in 15 minutes sans budget, I think I could decorate my home.  But with commitment phobia plus case a of chronic buyer’s remorse, I find myself filled with conflict.  

LOVE this whathmacallit with the candles on top.  LOVE!
I love Moroccan décor.  I love Indian décor.  I love color and usually find myself attracted to reds and browns.  For some reason I love green but can’t find a place to incorporate it into my home.   I would love to have a white or cream sofa but that would be disastrous with two children 6 and under.  I would love a leopard rug but I don’t think I could get the approval of hubby.  Speaking of hubby, he is okay with spending a little "more" on a bookshelf where I am not.  I prefer to shop with him rather than alone.  I can talk myself out of everything.  After living in our home for 4 years now, I JUST purchased window treatments and now I want to change them.  I didn’t get exactly what I wanted and now I have regrets.  But I’ll make it work.  The walls in my dining room are chocolate which I love, but now I want to lighten up the room and don’t know how.  Another issue is the really nice Turkish rug hubby surprised me with while he was on business in Turkey.  This rug is in the same room as the lovely painting we purchased while in the Dominican Republic.  See my confusion? 
I would have to hire a handyman for this project.
I need more storage options to help hide the happy meal toys that have consumed family room.  I need to commit to hanging the pictures currently leaning against the wall.  I need to settle on buying at least one sofa table I have always longed for.  We live in an English Tudor and our bedroom windows aren’t your typical windows.  What to do?  My husband recently suggested that we change the basement carpet.  How do I make such an important decision without it clashing with the basement sectional? 

What are the rules to decorating? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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