South High School Celebrates L.O.T.E. Week

Guest Blogger: Imani T. Johnson, 9th Grade - South High School

Valley Stream South High School kicked off its annual Foreign Language Week March 5th.  Foreign Language week is hosted by the L.O.T.E (Languages Other Than English) Department.    The teachers, students and staff feel that it’s a week to learn about other cultures and the importance of diversity and tolerance.  As a student at South High School, I feel the school is very culturally diverse; although we see different people from various cultures everyday, we never get to understand or learn about the cultures.

The week started off with a performance of Flamenco Dancing from Andalusia in southern Spain, noted for its energetic, staccato style.  The dancers came fully dressed in tribal attire and performed a traditional dance for students and staff.   In L.O.T.E classes the students took a series of international cultures trivia quizzes.  In addition, some classes got the opportunity to listen to foreign music from different cultures. 
The week ended with everyone’s’ favorite “Food Day” J.  The students were encouraged to bring in different types of food from their native culture for their class to try, this included desserts, drinks, and of course food.

Foreign Language Week was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait for future years.
Memorial Junior High School celebrates LOTE Week this week.

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