School Social Worker Position Eliminated

Although my family and I live in School District 13, we spend alot of time supporting the school programs in District 30 from school carnivals to its cultural programs.  Last year as I began promoting the Sparkle Empowerment Program for Girls, I sent information to every elementary school in all three districts, as well as the Valley Stream Central High School District.  Only one school contacted me directly to learn more about the program.  The person who contacted me, and still stays in touch with me today, is Laurie Buelvas-Kritas.  Now her position has been eliminated.  After speaking with her I can tell that she has a true heart for the children she serves and wants to expose them to every opportunity possible.  She has invited me to promote my program to all of the schools in her district.  Even when she knew her job was on the chopping block.

It truly saddens me to learn that School District 30 has eliminated this position.

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