Winter Recess Outings - NY Science Museum

Museum guest Chloe explains how a Network works to my children

I just couldn't get myself together Monday morning and at the last minute found my mojo.  I took the kids to the New York Science Museum after learning that the Long Island Children's Museum was closed.  I thought it was anyway.  Being married to an attorney still has not taught me to "read the fine print." Anyhoo, the science museum was extremely crowded which I figured, however I went late in the day.  Didn't matter.  The experience was just okay.  The Preschool room was not only crowded but had a waiting list.  I also took a bump on the hip by a rude employee who hit me with the half door outside of the prschool play area and didn't even say excuse me.  I don't think he realized he was at risk for being blogged about.  These days, we're ALL at risk.  Next, it seemed as if the employees were clues less as to where certain events were held.  As a former museum publicist, I don't expect everyone to know everything, but it would make sense for employees to have a schedule of events on them.  Instead he pointed and said "over there" is where I could find a list. 

After the kids touched everything in site, I looked for the hand sanitizer dispensers.  Unless I totally missed them, there were none.  Really?  We finally played outside for a bit on the science playground and I only lost sight of the kids once.  Each.  Luckily it's a safe place where there's only one way in and one way out.  Wait, is that really safe?

On the way out, we did what every family does.  We stopped by the bathroom before embarking on the long 25 -60 minute ride home.  In New York, you never know what will happen on the road.  Two things that made me say "ewwww."  The restrooms were filthy.  Toilet paper, some of it "wet", was strewn on the floor.  My kids are public bathroom snobs so it was a struggle getting them to "go."  There was barely enough soap to wash our hands as well.  As we left the restroom I saw a dad place his infant on the floor, just outside of the bathroom with wet toilet paper, to put on her snowsuit.  First that's just nasty and disgusting and two, there's no snow.

Will I go back?  Maybe.

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