Miss Niagra '07 Tells How She Lost Mommy Pounds

Not quite what one plans to read about when talking about fitness, but gaining weight is an issue for some of you.  I'm not one of them, but at one time I was. Chrstina Joseph former Miss Niagra '07, now Mrs. Bellagamba and the mother of Taylor, almost 2, who stays busy working, directing the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Program, and taking her daughter to modelling gigs around New York City.


Before Motherhood

I feel like I was in my very best shape when I trained for Miss New York 2007 but that feels like ages ago.  I had a sponsored trainer from Anytime Fitness who kicked my butt for months and had me eat almost twice the amount of calories per day to put on some weight...yes, I have the gift/curse of being naturally skinny but I did not feel comfortable in swimsuit and desperately wanted to gain weight and muscle...all my hard work paid off (somewhat) because I felt AMAZING in my swimsuit and everyone agreed, except for the judges on my prelim night....I surely felt robbed...smh...and yes I'm still bitter, LOL.  Just kidding.

So ya see, I'm not too sure what my daily regimen was but kudos to those faithfully eating healthy and exercising...you're my she-roes!

Post Pregnancy

Taylor was breastfed for a little over a year and I mostly attribute that to my lack of baby pounds plus a lot of walking and smoothies with fruit/yogurt before and after giving birth but alas, you can't have it all...I also went down a cup size and a half after weaning :( I couldn't believe it! I haven't had chicken cutlets in my bra since competing at Miss New York and had to hunt down a pair in Macy's recently. I like to feel as though I have gained little "mommy hips" and a cuter bootie too but I'm far from having the J-lo of my dreams.

Christina Bellagamba
Miss Niagra 2007

Thanks Christina for such a candid post.  (I wonder if she knew I was going to post EVERYTHING....lol.) You can also see Christina on an episode of The Revolution.

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