Review: North High School Pre-K Program

Education 101 Students at North High with My Preschooler
North High School Preschool has wrapped for the season and I must say they did an outstanding job.  This program is designed to give students real life experience with our little stinkers.  My 3 year old son was one of about 14 students who completed the 2 1/2 week program complete with arts and crafts, story time, playtime, and of course snacks.  One day I picked him up with a red mustache which I later found out was fruit punch.  Another day I picked him up and was handed a bag of snowman soup which consisted of hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and chocolate.  I'll take that!

The children were given "homework" and were asked to wear their favorite color, bring in a photo of their favorite food, favorite animal, a family photo and on the last day were invited to wear their favorite pair of mittens, gloves, or hat.  Unfortunately my son fell ill with a respiratory virus and missed two of the classes.  When he returned, he was greeted with open arms from all of the students which made both of us feel really good.

In addition to the "homework" assignments, the preschoolers pledged allegiance to the flag each day, learned about color recognition, what makes mammals special, made animal themed cupcakes, learned about body parts and what they do, and learned about winter activities.

Although we missed 2 of the 5 sessions, I truly enjoyed this program as did my son.  The program was well organized and parents received a letter of introduction and course outline weeks before the program began. The students were delightful, exhibited professionalism, and visibly adored all of the children.  The class hours were from 9:30 a.m. - 11:25 a.m. which gave me just enough time to come home, take care of few things and hustle back for pick up.  Did I mention it fit right into my budget of free?  Great job Mrs. Kehoe and the students of Education 101. 

North High School Preschool Program
Teacher: Mrs. Kehoe
Dates: January 2013
Info: (516) 564-5580 or

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