No-No to This Teen's Photo

I've been cooped up in the house for the last two days with a sick child and the only thing I have been able to do is blog and watch TV.  Wednesday morning, while watching the Today Show, I learned of 18 year old Sydney Spies, a senior from Durango, CO, who is doing all that she can to put a non-traditional senior class photo into her yearbook.  Why am I weighing in on this?  I have one reason.  I'm a mom and it's just a bad idea.  I would never allow my daughter to take such photos for a senior yearbook.  I'm already prepared for the prom dress fight.  The yearbook isn't a modeling portfolio and the chance of an agent leafing through this book to discover her is nil.  Yes, she is legally an adult but clearly she is not mature enough to make sound decisions.  I do think she is a very pretty girl but one who clearly needs a little guidance. 

Anytime a young lady sticks her behind out, bends her knees, throws her head back, ties a scarf around her breasts, shows way too much skin for a school yearbook is clearly looking for attention.  She may even be looking for a shot at fame Kardashian style.  This young lady, at the ripe old age of 18 has her whole life ahead of her.  She will now be known as "that senior yearbook girl."  Sorry girly, but this isn't "artistic."  I wouldn't go to a gallery to see this.  I can see this in magazines usually covered by plastic or brown paper wrapping.  This just rings Playboy, doesn't it?  In the end of the Today Show interview yesterday, she said she didn't want to smile in front of a wall like others.  So instead she claws it? Hmmm.....

I wonder what her dad thinks?  Do you think she should be allowed to place this photo in the yearbook?

Click here to see her entire photo shoot.

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