To Party or Not to Party: What's the Answer?

I didn't know that being a mom would bring such guilt on different occasions.  I never felt guilty for going back to work for 7 months after having my oldest because one, I knew she was in good hands, and two, I never planned to be a SAHM.  Recently, we decided to send her to public school for Kindergarten after attending Our Lady of Peace in Lybrook for preschool last year. The majority of her friends stayed at OLP and she didn't.  When I would drop off my son at OLP's nursery school, on occasion I would see some of her old friends.  Their eyes would light up hoping that my daughter was nearby.  Insert mommy guilt here.  My latest guilt is not giving her a birthday party this month.

Expected to be born on January 7th, she arrived the day of the NYC transportation strike on Friday, December 23rd.  At the time, we lived in Park Slope/Brooklyn.  What timing she had.  Luckily we had a car and although it took us awhile to get there, I remember the gridlock vividly, we did get there eventually.  My water broke at 6:30 a.m., husband paced for a while when I thought he was in the shower, I showered, put on makeup (yes, I did), curled my hair (yes, I did), and got dressed before leaving.  She came home on Christmas day.  If only she had the power to hang in there another week or two she would not have to be penalized for being born two days before Christmas. 

Parties these days are very expensive for children.  Not only do you have to reserve a play space months in advance but now kids are accustomed to leaving with a goody bag at the end of the night.  Who started this trend?  Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good swag bag and put together a pretty nice party complete with swag bag for my daughter last year at Once Upon A Sundae.  The year before that, it was all about Princess Tiana.

She has had a party every year since she turned 1 year old which was scheduled practically during her nap time and yes, she did take a nap.  During her party.  Who does that?  Oh...12 month olds do.   If only my nanny at the time would have shared this with me.  I told my daughter last year and have had to tell her practically every month since then that she is not having a party.  Yet, she has asked me every month where her party is going to be and who is coming.  I'm sticking to my decision but really would like to take a handful of her friends somewhere fun like the spa, pizza and a playspace, or something.  However, how do you go about selectively choosing who is invited without it getting back to her friends and parents?  Well, if any of her friend's mom's read this blog I guess I'll really be in trouble, but hopefully they'll understand.  I honestly would if I were you.  It's just way too much to bear.

Pink Ribbon Day Spa - Rockville Centre

I originally started writing this post two weeks ago and recently have decided to research the American Girl experience as a birthday possibility. For the last year, I have been tossing the AG magazines that have been coming to the house.  What good that did.  She learned about the expensive plastic doll from a classmate.  Who says public school is free? Another option is to go to the Plaza Hotel to experience Eloise at the Plaza.  The only problem is, she has only been read an Eloise book once and it wasn't read by me so I'm not sure if she'll fully appreciate the experience.  One other option is to go to the Pink Ribbon Day Spa , owned by a friend of a friend, in Rockville Centre for a mini makeover.  Did you hear that?  It was a groan from my husband.

Stay tuned...I have just over a week to make a decision.

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  1. Kathleen Kennedy LeonFriday, 16 December, 2011

    good luck--this gets tougher all the time--I just booked my son's party at the RVC rec center--its very kid friendly and pricing is reasonable--but I so agree with the swag bag---wow-some of the ones we've gotten go WAY over the top
    looking forward to what your decision is going to be--not easy!