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Timely arrival from Fresh Direct
You may remember the post I wrote about a week ago stating how excited I was about Fresh Direct delivering in our area after being without them for the last four years.  My family used to order from them regularly while living in Fort Greene/Brooklyn, and couldn’t wait to once again taste the freshness of their fruit that is sometimes hard to find here on the island. 

I requested that our order be delivered between the hours of 6:30 am. – 8 a.m.  I know it was early but just the day before my husband told me that we needed fruit so I thought the timing was perfect.  He makes breakfast each morning for the kids and I do not want to do anything to mess up this luxury.  The order arrived 20 minutes before 8 a.m. which was too late for our daughter to enjoy, but just in time for my son to enjoy and within the time period requested.  I opened the box and was once again impressed at the packing talents of the employees. 

Neatly packed
I immediately searched for the grapes and strawberries I ordered.  I was disappointed.  There were signs of decay on the strawberries.  The grapes on top were plump and fresh, however the grapes on the bottom…well, not so fresh.  There was this brown liquid letting me know that the grapes had already begun to decay. 

The only thing I like sitting in brown liquid is the shrimp and broccoli meal with brown sauce from So Far So Good in Lynbrook.  I then looked at the organic strawberries that too showed signs of decay.  Had I noticed this in the grocery store, I would have immediately picked another bunch or package for both.  I didn’t have that immediate option with Fresh Direct.
Later that afternoon, I received a message on Twitter from Fresh Direct asking me how things were with the order.  I was so honored that Fresh Direct decided to follow me on Twitter a week or so after I tweeted my excitement about them coming to our area.  I shared my dissatisfaction with the state of the fruit with whomever was on the other side of the Fresh Direct Twitter account.  They assured me that they would have customer service contact me.  It took a little longer for them to respond than I would have liked, but after I posted on FB/Twitter, “ Fresh Direct…not so fresh,” I received two phone calls and a credit towards the unsatisfactory fruit.  How is that for the power of social media and great customer service?

In summary, yes I would order from Fresh Direct again.  I hope they will pay closer attention to the quality of its fruit especially when opening up a new sales territory.  I will order the fruit one more time and if it arrives less than fresh, well that’s a deal breaker for the fruit.  I am still a fan and will definitely try their pre-packaged kid’s meals that boast fresh ingredients.  I just hope this time is a better experience.

Have you ordered from Fresh Direct yet?  If so, how was your experience?

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