Urgent Care: Put Them On Speed Dial

For years, doctors have said that getting the flu shot does not give you the flu.  Well, I'm not convinced at all.  Days after receiving the shot I came down with something that sure felt like the flu years ago.  Not to mention my eldest received a flu shot last Friday.  Well, we had to make a Premier Care in Lynbrook this evening after learning that we couldn't see our pediatrician until Monday.  She had been complaining of her brain being upside down for days and after getting off the bus today she broke down in tears.  I laid her down for a nap and after an hour or so, she woke up crying so hard that I had no choice but to seek medical attention immediately.  Fortunately she tested negative for strep but it was concluded that she had a 103 temperature caused by some virus and should stay home from school tomorrow.  The staff at Premier Care have been consistently a joy to work with and are extremely pleasant with children.  In addition to a special children's room, they even have Blow Pops which is a welcome change from the tiny Dum Dum lollipops most doctor's offices give kids. If you can't get in to see your primary care physician or pediatrician, pay Premier Care a visit.  They also service adults. 

Premier Care
585 Merrick Road
Lynbrook, NY 11562
(516) 764-2268
No appointment needed
Open 7 days a week


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