Grace United Methodist VBS

Although the program has been over about two weeks now, I didn’t want to go another day without giving Grace United Methodist Church Vacation Bible School its props for putting on such a wonderful week-long event. The week began with onsite registration for just $20. I believe I heard it was $15 for early registration but for a three-hour per day, five day program what’s $5? As we ascended the stairway into the gym, I was immediately greeted by Lady Liberty herself. Why? The theme was “Big Apple Adventure,” of course! The kids apparently learned a little about NYC as well as stories of the Bible.

Onsite registration was smooth as butter. The drop off point is in the church gym where the kids immediately sit with their age groups broken down into the following:

Tourists – Pre-K and Kindergarten
Downtowners – 1st and 2nd Grade
Midtowners – 3rd and 4th Grade
Uptowners – 5th and 6th Grade

The children sang songs, made crafts (my daughter came home with a cute little bookmark) played games, and learned about their faith during the week. A few days, she made her own snack, and even came home with a really cute train pass that even had hole punches in it as if she actually rode the train! How cute is that? At the end of the week, parents and family were invited to a musical performance and show where the children sang songs, etc. that was very impressive. I mean, to learn all of those words to a song in one week, and these were some very wordy, yet entertaining songs. Unfortunately I missed some of the performances, including my daughters. I was running around preparing for a flight we had to take two hours later to see a relative graduate. I felt bad that I missed it but fortunately dad had the day off and was able to see her perform. Whew!

This was our second year participating in the program so the program definitely has Valley Stream Mom’s approval. Congratulations to the youth leader and volunteer students/staff at Grace United Methodist Church Vacation Bible School. We’ll definitely see you next year!


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