Winter Break: Yay or Nay?

So far, it looks like Hurricane Sandy has ruined many of our surrounding community's beloved Winter Break.  The schools are still out on Presidents Day, but students have to report the rest of the week.

ResorTimeValley Stream schools, however are still in limbo about what's going to happen given that our schools weren't affected as much as our neighbors.  However, we did lose seven days.  So, what do to?

I personally think the kids should be in school.  I'm from the Midwest.  I grew up in Toledo, OH to be exact.  We never had Winter break.  We didn't need it nor did we miss it.  We had Christmas break and Spring break.  Why on earth do kids need to be out in February? To play in the snow is not a good reason especially given that we didn't see any snow last year. Most working parents do not get an average of three weeks vacation during the year, so why should kids?

If you had a trip planned, I hope you bought the trip insurance.

What do you think?
Are your winter break vacation plans ruined?

LI Herald: District officials mulling schedule change to make up days lost

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  1. I agree. I think the schools have too much time out and I never even heard of a winter break in February until I moved to NY. They really don't need that much time off after a week in December and Spring Break right around the corner. One day is fine.

  2. Kids don't need winter break. Most parents are either forced to use up their precious few days of vacation or pay ridiculous prices for daycare.

  3. Thanks for your comments. We'll find out once Albany is back in session. I missed my PTA meeting tonight so I don't know what the buzz is yet.