The Santa Lie….Do You Tell it?

At least one week before we all had our Thanksgiving meals planned and purchased, the big  guy with the rosey nose and cheeks in the red suit was already staked out at our favorite mall.  If you were anything like me, the look on your face was like, really?  But now that he’s here, there’s nothing we can do about it because like it or not, he ain’t leaving until the night before Christmas.

Just this morning minutes before heading to the bus stop, that M&M's commercial came on where Santa discovers that the M&M guys are real and vice versa.  My daughter turns and asks me, "Mommy, is Santa real?" Darn TV in the morning!  I just had to watch the DIY segment of Today.  Instead of lying, I say, "What do you think?"  My daughter says, "His IS real because he eats the cookies that we leave him Christmas Eve."  Really?  Is that her proof? I didn't say a word because I'm not lying to my kids.  This time.

Yes, my kids believe in Santa but not because we introduced him to them.  They learned about him at school because YOU told your kid he existed and then YOUR kid told my kid.  Thanks!  When Valley Stream Dad and I first learned about this, we gave each other the side eye.... and didn't say a word.  Let me tell you that Valley Stream Dad is not happy that he has to go to work EVERYDAY to work hard so some other guy can get all of the credit for bringing all sorts of toys to HIS kids.  What’s that crap all about?  I’m a little peeved that the dollhouse I slaved over two years ago and was way too big to wrap and pass as a mommy/daddy gift was attributed to Santa and his Elves.  I don't remember them helping.

Growing up the daughter of a very religious family, my dad Pastored a church for at least 25 years, we were never taught that Santa is the one that brought us the gifts we played with for like two weeks and then forgot.  Not that I can remember anyway.  I’m not one to kill a kid’s dreams and fantasies but what are we supposed to do about this lie that the world has going on?  There are millions of families across the world who have got to keep this charade up.

I think we have done a pretty good job at convincing our children that mommy and daddy give them gifts, but there is one gift that Santa brings. Just one.  That's it.

But let’s break this down.  Are kids really that gullible and believe that ONE overweight guy can fly a sleigh led by eight magic reindeer across the ENTIRE world in ONE night even WITH the various time zones delivering toys to ALL the boys and girls in the world?  How is that even possible?  Have you even SEEN a reindeer?  I have. They are short ans stumpy and look nothing at all like the cartoon reindeer.

Oh, and what about the kids who live in walk ups who don’t have chimneys?  Does the doorman receive their gifts for them or are the left on the steps of their apartment building? What about the kids whose families aren’t home on Christmas Eve because they’ve decided to take a cruise or spend the holiday in Europe?  Is there a change of address form families fill out so Santa can find them?  Come on kids, let’s get it together and stop believing EVERYTHING you hear.

But if your kid does believe in Santa, you may want to have them write out their wish list, take it to the post office and mail it in the shiny, red mailbox marked North Pole.  Oh, but don’t forget the first class stamp you HAVE to put on it if your kid wants a fair shot at a delivery from Santa.  The U.S. Postal Service has taken a huge hit and they are trying to make up for it.  Your letter goes nowhere without a stamp. Try it.  You have until December 10th to get your letter off or you can forget that Nintendo DS XL or whatever that thing is your kid is asking for.

That Elf on the Shelf guy ain't happnin' either in my house.  The kids better be good for momma's sake.

Here's what other Moms are saying:

Natalie: My two oldest still believe in Santa.  I'm surprised that my son, 10, still believes in Santa, but his reasoning is that St. Nick has been proven to exist (or proven to have existed) so he will continue to believe in Santa until proven otherwise.

Diane: Yes, I have a 9 and 7 year old and will keep the "magic of Santa" as long as I can!

Sabrina: My 4 year old Sophia believes and she can't wait to see him next week as we are taking her to Macy's Santa Land in the city.

Elina: My 12 year olds don't, my 8 year old does in a way.  he believes that Santa gets the presents and brings them but mommy and daddy pays for them.  My 3 year old obviously does.

Jennifer: My 8 year old still believes in Santa! My husband and I disagree on this issue actually. I want to keep it up as long as I can...he wants this to be the last year.  He doesn't want her to find out from other kids at school

Eileen: My 6 year old daughter came home yesterday and said a boy in her class said there is no such thing as Santa and your mommy and daddy buy you presents!  I was shocked in first grade!  My 13 year old wanted me to call the boy's mother, but I just said well since he doesn't believe, Santa is probably not going to bring him any presents and she said, "You are right, Mommy.  He is probably on the naughty list."  I want her to believe as long as possible!!!

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